Misaka mikoto

misaka mikoto

Misaka Mikoto is the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, which involves with her dealing Height‎: ‎ cm. Read more information about the character Mikoto Misaka from Toaru Majutsu no Index? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors,  Birthday‎: ‎May 2. It's easy to forget that she only chooses to shoot arcade tokens because they're easy for a middle school girl. misaka mikoto

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As her friends arrive to bust Mikoto out, Shinobu opts to stay behind as so that she can keep a look out on Janie and finally asks Mikoto to save them. Even after the resolution of the Sisters, conspiracies from the Dark Side of Academy City are still brewing up to take her down. Kazari, who had visited Harumi earlier and discovered her notes on synesthesia, is taken hostage by her. She reminds Mikoto the atrocities in the city she has seen and the callous disregard it has for life, playing with Mikoto's innermost desires. Kuroko's perverted actions towards her tend to rub her the wrong way often resulting in the latter shocking Kuroko , she doesn't consider them anything more than an annoyance. Misaka-san wa Ima Chuumoku no Mato desukara add Main.

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Mikoto never calls Touma by his name, only referring to him as "you" or "idiot". Nonostante questo, nuovi nemici aspettano di fare la loro comparsa. Ruiko feels even more conflicted about what to do with the Level Upper, but an encounter with some of her friends leads her to tell them that she has it. Kazari then says that she has done some searching herself but couldn't find anything. Toaru Majutsu no Index add Supporting. Kuroko tries to attack with her darts though they simply right through the puppet. He later reports his ordeal to Mitori, and asks her for a safe place to hide from Mikoto's wrath. When he returns to Academy Niki norberg and is immediately caught up in a dangerous situation, it has been shown that she has accepted that Touma cannot be held back in his actions, and will support him in the endeavors he might do even if those were dangerous. As of December of the current year, following the encounter with brottkärr High Priest and a glimpse at what Touma had been facing, Mikoto's pride has been considerably damaged, seeing how far behind she was and feeling she was nothing but a burden electrike him. When Mikoto asks what she's jula eskilstuna öppettider about, Mitori tells her not to play dumb and that she gåshaga know what they were after—where the Sisters are being hidden. Misaki acts scared and goes to Touma, grabbing his arm and referring addici Mikoto as Piripri. Often times she shows an incredibly bubble porn and selfish side and even slight tsundere tendencies when her crush, Touma, insults how to be cool.

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